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This quick start guide explains you how to use Linxo Connect payments :

  1. Authentication
  2. Create order
  3. Widget Demo
  4. Get transaction status

Security: The secure connections are set up according to the OAuth2 protocol (Basic client credential flow):

1. Client authentication

Execute the following to generate a token. You can modify the body parameters if you want to test with your own credentials and parameters:

curl -sk -X POST {authUrl}/token
-H 'authorization: Bearer {access_token}'
-d grant_type=client_credentials

2. Create your Order

curl -sk -X POST {gatewayUrl}/orders
-H 'authorization: Bearer {access_token}'
-H 'X-FWD-Request-ID: {uuidv4}'

3. Initiate the widget

Linxo Connect widgets provide an easy way to integrate with our solutions. Thanks to a responsive UI, you can easily integrate this solution into your ecosystem.

4. Check the order status

curl -sk -X GET {gatewayUrl}/running/order/{orderId}
-H 'authorization: Bearer {access_token}'
-H 'X-FWD-Request-ID: {uuidv4}'