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Using Linxo test Bank


The Linxo test bank allows users to test their API integration by providing data provisioning.

It emulates the behavior of a real world provider. To do so, it uses a default configuration file or takes a file hosted on webserver. This file defines on the one hand the behavior of the bank and on the other hand the lists of the available transactions for the user.

A provider can have different channels. Linxo test bank will give you access to all channels supported by the API you're using:

  • EMBEDDED channel: Linxo test bank gives access to all accounts types
  • REDIRECT channel: Linxo STET test bank only gives access to accounts of type checkings and credit card

The reference documentation gives you detailed information on the file structure and the available actions.


Once you have created your session on the widget, you can add a connection by generating a link to the web interface describing the list of banks. You may also use the URL given in the session response (field _links).

You can search or select a bank among all those listed. You can therefore select the Linxo Test Bank which displays the authentication form.

You have two connection possibilities:

  • 'CONNECT MY CHECKING ACCOUNTS' allowing you to use the REDIRECT channel
  • 'I don't have a checking account' allowing you to use the EMBEDDED channel

In both cases, you must enter your login, password and your own configuration file URL if you don't want to use the default one.

Then, the widget tries to establish a secure connection and starts synchronization before reading the list of accounts.

Configuration files

The configuration file allows you to:

  • Modify the test bank behavior defining credentials, challenge, new URL, ...
  • Define different accounts types
  • Define transactions (amount, date, label, memo, reference), recurent or not. For example, you can create a transaction every 15 days starting on 06/06/17, with a random amount between -70€ and -50€.

The reference documentation provides detailed information.

The default configuration file

The widget uses a default configuration file available at this adress: test-bank.txt

Several accounts types and transactions are defined in this file and the Linxo test bank provider has the following behavior:

  • The credentials asked by the Linxo test bank provider: login: 'dev' - password: 'dev'
  • A CHALLENGE action will emulate the authentication by SMS (code requested '123456' on '0605040302' phone number)

Your own configuration file

You may also define your own configuration file which will perfectly suit your needs, allowing you to define the behavior of the Linxo Test Bank.

In this case, the linxo test bank file needs to be accessible with an HTTP link. Your configuration file URL must be provided in the credential form in the 'Test bank file url' field.

You can use dropbox and share the file publicly. With dropbox shared link, it's necessary to replace the "dl=0" at the end of url by "raw=1" to get directly the file instead of dropbox download page.

Configuration file example

### The credentials asked by the Linxo test bank provider
# CHALLENGE action will emulate the authentication by SMS (Not implemented on STET test bank)

### A checking account available with the Linxo Test Bank PSD2 API
ACCOUNT|account1-uid|Compte courant x1000|24/08/17|7999|Checkings||false|Jean Dupont|checkings 1|true|false|FR7601001234567812345678902
# This will create a transaction every 15 days starting on 06/06/20, with a random amount between -70€ and -50€
TRANSACTION | (-70,-50) | 06/06/20 | TOTAL LES MILLES | | 1301 | 15 | 5
# This will create a transaction every month starting on 28/05/20, with a random amount between 1400€ and 1500€
TRANSACTION | (1400,1500) | 28/05/20 | SALARY | | 1302 | 1 | 2
# This will create a simple transaction
TRANSACTION|-30|19/06/20|Withdrawal DAB BNP Aix| |1303

### Saving accounts available by scraping from the Linxo Test Bank
TRANSACTION|300.50|23/06/20|VIREMENT INTERNE|memo-transaction 123|1304

ACCOUNT|account3-uid|Compte sur livret|24/08/17|526.35|Savings||false
TRANSACTION|-20.50|10/06/20|VIREMENT INTERNE|memo-transaction 124|1305